Happy New Year

As I suspected, I turned out to be a terrible blogger –  last entry 2015!! My New Year’s Resolution has to be “Write more blogs!!”

I will be off to collect another 100 hazel sticks from Kealkil  very soon, that will give me a grand total of 300 sticks for the coming year, plus the possibility of more next month. Although it is sometimes hard to get started after Christmas – especially if the weather is bad – I always find the sight of hundreds of freshly cut hazel sticks, a real incentive to get back out to the workshop.

My new book ‘Green Wood Stools’ is to be launched on April 14th  – Good Friday – at an exhibition at the Blue House Gallery in Schull, West Cork. The exhibition will comprise of my own work plus pieces from the other stool makers included in the book, James Carroll, Thomas Kay, Eamon Quinn and Charlie Huffer, it will run for two weeks.

Speaking of books, I was given one called “Chairs by Architects” by my good friend Etain Hickey (ceramic artist) for Christmas. Every time I sit down for a cup of tea, I leaf through it, looking at chairs designed by architects. It is fascinating to see how their design principles apply to chairs as well as to buildings. I wonder what a Green Wood Building might look like!

Thinking about the coming year, I hope to work with Anne Kiely again, she designed some wonderful ‘West Cork’ textiles for upholstering my chairs last year. I have developed a new design for large upholstered armchairs which makes the chairs more comfortable and better for the posture. I love the addition of  textiles – my chairs are transformed by colour and soft texture. Anne designs the fabric and silk screen prints on a natural wool fabric. The combination of wool and wood is beautiful, comfortable and functional.

It is all so exciting, I can’t wait to get started